The exciting Berlin district of Wedding is located in the northeast of the capital, and looks back on a long and interesting history. Over the years the area has become a real scene-district and offers plenty of variety. Berlin Wedding can be easily reached by public transport and is located in the immediate vicinity of Mitte and Tiergarten. As one of the most colorful parts of Berlin Wedding combines cultural diversity with Berlin tradition and excited because of the numerous green areas such as the Volkspark Rehberge and the Schillerpark.

The district Berlin Tiergarten is located in the center of Berlin. From 1920 to the end of 2000 he was even a separate county. Since it belongs to the area Berlin Mitte. Owes its name to the county of the large park, which belongs to Berlin's Tiergarten park. So it is not surprising that many of the attractive sites of the city are here. Since 1961, the county Berlin Tiergarten is connected to the underground network. So crosses the line U9 the district from north to south. But this part of Berlin also has many restaurants and bars to offer. So may of course be also enjoyed the nightlife here. Furthermore, you can get here by Escort meet Tiergarten and besides delicious cocktails and culinary delights from around the world. But a visit to the attractions is quite rewarding. The New National Gallery, the National Library and the Berlin Philharmonic are always worth a visit. So you can for example go between two business appointments together some food and go to a concert at the Philharmonic, in very good company. Berlin Tiergarten is centrally located in the heart of the city. Both by car and by public transport, the district is easy to reach. It is also possible to quickly reach one of the many romantic hotels for a meeting with the Escort Tiergarten.

Berlin Neukölln is one of Berlin's neighborhoods and was named after the northern district. In 1360 it was first mentioned under the name Richardsdorp. It was originally the property of the Knights, who had taken it by the Knights Templar. The image of Neukölln has many sides. In the north its a very dense cityscape, in the rest of it, however, is almost rural. The old center is located in the former Rixdorf, close to Britz with the castle and Buckow.

Berlin Köpenick: Water, mountains and big city - Since 2001 Köpenick has been the largest administrative district of the federal capital Berlin together with Treptow. On an area of 35 square kilometres, Köpenick offers culture, culinary delights, recreation and a diverse landscape.

Where Dahme and Spree meet
The largest part of the capital lies in the southeast. The location where the Dahme flows into the Spree is the scene of Karl Zuckmayer's work "Hauptmann von Köpenick" from 1930. The Spree feeds the crystal-clear Müggelsee lake, which also belongs to Berlin Köpenick. But not only water lovers get their money's worth here. Next to the Müggelsee lies the Müggelberge, the highest mountain in Berlin at 114.7 metres above sea level. The ladies of Escort Köpenick, who are looking forward to showing you the landscape, also promise high enjoyment.

Further districts of Berlin
Grünau, a district of the Köpenick-Treptow district, is famous for its regatta course between Berlin and Grünau. It also has a beautiful sandy beach. Müggelheim is a small part worth seeing, enthroned on the Köpenicker Werder. Other districts of the large district are Friedrichshagen north-east of Köpenick itself and Rahnsdorf to the east.

There is a lot to see!
During your stay a little detour to Schmöckewitz, a former fishing village situated directly at the water is worthwhile. Schmöckerwitz also belongs to the administrative district and is a very popular recreation area. As early as 1232, Cöpenick was written in the city charter. Only since 1920 the historical city belongs to Berlin. You can still admire a well-preserved medieval town centre today. In addition to old buildings from the 18th century, old buildings from the founding years also enchant with their charm. Except in Spandau you will not find this charm in any other part of Berlin. Escort Köpenick has a well-groomed escort for your stroll ready for you.

The 1681 completed castle Köpenick was lovingly restored in 2004 and is also worth a visit. It stands on the castle island, which lies in the middle of the estuary of Dahme and Spree. The Captain of Köpenick, known at the latest by Carl Zuckmayer, who by the way is based on a true event of 1906, stands immortalised as a statue in front of the historic town hall. Thanks to the writer, Köpenick is one of the few Berlin districts known beyond the borders. Since Köpenick is located in the eastern part of Berlin, you will find traces from the times of the GDR here. One of them is the Salvador Allende quarter. Even if you spend the night in one of Berlin's other districts, a visit to Köpenick is worthwhile.

Relax and enjoy right next to the capital!
You can relax with water sports, independent adventure tours on the rivers and the Müggelsee as well as during dreamy hours on a boat tour. Hiking in the Müggelbergen mountains or a trip to the districts are exciting alternatives for cooler or wet days. Berlin Köpenick is only a few minutes away by car from the hustle and bustle of the international metropolis and yet here antiquity, nature and the famous Berlin air captivate the senses.

If you don't want to enjoy your meal alone in the numerous restaurants in Köpenick or if you wish an interesting company to the beach bathing, the Escort Köpenick is ready for you. Educated and attractive women look forward to sipping a glass of wine with you in the open-air restaurant "Brandenburgerdorf", for example. The Schlosscafé or Restaurant zum Dampfschiff, for example, are a bit more chic. Everywhere you will encounter the typical Berlin dialect and feel welcome. Escort Köpenick will help you to find a nice lady. In addition to regional cuisine, speciality restaurants from other countries are also open to you.

Berlin Köpenick invites you to stay in its numerous hotels. With a view of the castle the Pentahotel attracts. The Hotel Bölsche offers another high-priced overnight stay. Who settles down here may enjoy in peace. Regardless of whether the historic old town, the landscape or the proximity to Berlin has brought you to Köpenick, the formerly independent city has its charm at any time of year.

The district Berlin Tempelhof goes back to the Knights Templar. These founded approximately in the 12th century a monastery, the German name was Templars. Thus, the name by itself declares with Tempelhof is one of the parts of Berlin, which has much to offer. Of course Tempelhof remembered today rather to the airport or the UFA. However, there are also other attractions that are worth exploring in more detail. Exactly Can offer our ladies, a cultural program with a difference. Of course, this may simply be a dinner, as well as a tour of Tempelhof. Here, the guide of course also end at the hotel, which is so are some good houses in Berlin Tempelhof here. With Escort Tempelhof there is plenty to do and not only with an intensive tour through the history. Where Berlin has in history to offer much good stuff, what it always pays to learn. This also includes the Museum at Tempelhof, with its alternating program that is likely to meet every taste.

Berlin Treptow Koepenick, the largest of the Berlin districts with incredible charm. Here you´ll find variety and contradiction. The South is characterized by parks, forests and lakes where you can almost not believe to be in Berlin. Nevertheless, you can see here the typical Berlin mentality and good transport links to the other districts of the capital. In the north of Berlin Treptow is a metropolitan flair of Berlin, which is itself characterized by multiculturalism. Are you a businessman, you may like to spend your free time with a lady of the Escort Service Treptow.

Berlin Pankow than 3 district one of the parts of Berlin, which forms the edge of the city. Pankow is the merger of the former locations Rosenthal, book, Blankenfelde Niederschönhausen, Wilhelmsruh, Karow, Malchow, French Buchholz, Blankenburg and Heimersdorf. Berlin Pankow became famous among others by the special train, the Udo Lindenberg once sent in his song go there on the journey. He himself is the way a great lover of this particular instance of the Berlin neighborhoods. The settlement on the outskirts of Berlin with the result that the accessibility by the easy access to the motorways and main roads around Berlin is not a problem per car. Only older cars have to drive not authorized by Berlin Pankow, because the district is part of the LEZ. Alternatively, however, lends itself to the U2. This is the central and short timed scheduled the BVG. Pankow is equipped for outside visitors. Numerous information kiosks offer a tourist guidance system. Visitors can find out about places to visit in Berlin Pankow at 28 points. Who, however, but rather want to open in nice company to experience Pankow, for the Escort Pankow is recommended.

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