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Berlin Marzahn is a district of Berlin which is located in the former east of the city. Before the wall came down in Berlin Marzahn therefore belonged to the GDR. What the ignorant visitors know about Berlin Marzahn, the appearance of this period is likely to be in the first place. After all, what has emerged in the 70s as a showcase Honneckers during the so-called housing program of the GDR, was known until shortly after the Fall as prefabricated housing. This very drab residential buildings had come very run and disintegrate. No really good place to live. This has thanks to God changed considerably in recent years. And so bloom marriage repeated eastern parts of Berlin, including Mahlsdorf Biesdorf and Kaulsdorf include, in a new light.

One of the beautiful parts of Berlin east Berlin Lichtenberg, which was incorporated in 1920 in the city of Berlin. Many Berlin therefore like to talk yet of Alt-Lichtenberg. Today the district dates back to the 13th century and remained for many years a rural, small village with only a few hundred inhabitants. Today around 145,000 people live in Lichtenberg. The beautiful Berlin Lichtenberg is considered the 11th district of Berlin and attracts many visitors under its spell. The district is located in Berlin Mitte and includes the districts Altlichtenberg, Karl Horst, Falkenberg, Friedrichsfelde, Rummelsburg, Alt-height Schonhausen Neu-Hohenschönhausen, Malchow, Wartenberg and Fennpfuhl.

Kreuzberg is probably one of the most famous districts of Berlin. Once sung the nights are especially long and known as a particularly vibrant. Built on the same mountain area, which still is the epitome of Berlin nightlife in the eyes of the beholder is effectively only since the 19th century to the urban area of ​​the capital. Today, Kreuzberg is characterized by the fact that here listened to a particularly high proportion of immigrant population. In particular, people with Turkish roots have shaped the streets with their typical shops and cafes.

Berlin Friedrichshain - Escort at the highest level
Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, but there are also a lot to discover. Especially the scene district Berlin Friedrichshain offers numerous sights, shops, bars and restaurants. The district since the 20s already consists of a total of 6 sub districts. In the 19th century Friedrichshain was extremely popular and important for Berlin, because at this time have boomed, so to speak, the industry in this area and also numerous tenements emerged for the workers.

The lovers plain Stadtkulisse come to visit excellent restaurants and selected clubs in Berlin Wilmersdorf exactly at their expense as friends of historic architecture and the children of the night, which is open to a wide range of possibilities, here in Berlin Wilmersdorf. Pure culture there are, for example, in the Deutsche Oper Berlin, when visiting the schaubühne and the Schiller Theater or the world famous theaters of the West. And these are just some of the cultural highlights that holds Wilmersdorf for its guests. As one of the most central parts of Berlin is here has always been the home life and the area is the historical center of the city. Beautifully situated on the River Spree, attracts Berlin Wilmersdorf travelers from around the world in its historical streets, to take a city break in a class and enjoy.

The exciting Berlin district of Wedding is located in the northeast of the capital, and looks back on a long and interesting history. Over the years the area has become a real scene-district and offers plenty of variety. Berlin Wedding can be easily reached by public transport and is located in the immediate vicinity of Mitte and Tiergarten. As one of the most colorful parts of Berlin Wedding combines cultural diversity with Berlin tradition and excited because of the numerous green areas such as the Volkspark Rehberge and the Schillerpark.

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