The lovers plain Stadtkulisse come to visit excellent restaurants and selected clubs in Berlin Wilmersdorf exactly at their expense as friends of historic architecture and the children of the night, which is open to a wide range of possibilities, here in Berlin Wilmersdorf. Pure culture there are, for example, in the Deutsche Oper Berlin, when visiting the schaubühne and the Schiller Theater or the world famous theaters of the West. And these are just some of the cultural highlights that holds Wilmersdorf for its guests. As one of the most central parts of Berlin is here has always been the home life and the area is the historical center of the city. Beautifully situated on the River Spree, attracts Berlin Wilmersdorf travelers from around the world in its historical streets, to take a city break in a class and enjoy.


Has always been the center of Berlin city districts in the West
Berlin Wilmersdorf includes a so-called'City West 'also includes the well-known on the city limits Kurfürstendamm. The magnificent mile is emblematic of the whole city, as well as the radio tower, which is also in Wilmersdorf and extends beyond all parts of Berlin. to get to know Berlin from here, is, also love guaranteed to learn Berlin. Because in Berlin Wilmersdorf it comes emphasizes relaxed and well-off, but never boring. Although the district is one of the more exclusive capital, which does not, of course, is that nothing would be going on here. On the contrary, jazz clubs with exquisite World-class musicians stand alongside unorthodox gourmet restaurants, seasoned cultural institutions like old theaters and operas mix with young artists' colonies like the track 17 at Grunewald station. Whether you already know Berlin and again comes forth or whether for the first time you enter this wonderful city - Berlin Wilmersdorf is always exhilarating and new, yet unique in its typical charm.

Historic architecture and transformation
Berlin Wilmersdorf is actually a municipality, which consists of several parts of the city. These include household names such as Grunewald, Schmargendorf or Halensee. Grunewald was, for example, and is the most expensive of the Berlin neighborhoods. Interesting here is mainly the architecture. There are still a number hochherschaftlicher old villas, the lavishly enthroned on the River Spree here. The bombs of World War II have other parts of Berlin, although hit harder, but also in Grunewald they have torn holes in which then partly new, grand villas were built, but they were partly built with profane Mietarchitektur. Who can read architecture, which can in basic Ewald, but also in the whole of Berlin Wilmersdorf, recognize the signs of time and change well. Clearly something urban for connoisseurs Architecture Arts.

Escort Wilmersdorf - alone does not have to be
But those who prefer to second instead want to explore alone Berlin Wilmersdorf and the surrounding areas, who does best yourself a favor with a selected escort Wilmersdorf. A handsome, friendly and especially eloquent travel companion on such an interesting city trip is certainly an asset, which is hardly worth its gold. Because impressions are definitely something wonderful and nachhaltigesten, when you can share it. In addition, an escort Wilmersdorf also has the necessary secret knowledge to really explore and get to know every facet of this district can.

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